Additional Subsidies

Students may be eligible for an additional subsidy for one group class and one private lesson, or two group classes, dependent on:

  1. Financial situation (household income)
  2. Regular attendance
  3. Consistent effort

Subsidized students who have been enrolled in more than 2 classes before September 2017 may continue their classes at the new subsidy rates.

Additional Subsidy Rates
Subsidies start at $1 off the regular fee per class and go down in $1 increments. As of September 2017 the minimum rate for our most subsidized families is $3 per class/lesson. This also applies to families that have been paying less in the past. However, a full subsidy (100% of fees) may be offered to individual students that are outstanding in terms of talent and effort.

When to submit
To be considered for subsidy a copy of the most recent tax return that shows family income should be submitted to the Administrator at or be left with one of the Volunteers at the desk to be forwarded to the Directors’ Committee. Subsidy requests will be reviewed throughout the season but may take up to 8 weeks before a decision will be made and subsidized rates start to apply. Each family should resubmit their last year’s tax return before September 15 to be re-considered for subsidy.