Cost of our Courses


As many parents have found our recent fee structure confusing, the Directors’ Committee has decided to return to a fixed fee structure.

Please note that, due to extensive waiting lists, each child may register for one private lesson and one group lesson.* Full payment for courses is required on registration.


(The fee structure will be effective starting January 2016 for all students.)


Private lesson fee         Group lesson fee         Piano Keyboard (group)

(20/30mins)________       (45/55 mins)_____         (55 mins)_____
$10/$13                               $7/$10                           $10

Students may be eligible for an additional subsidy dependent on need, regular attendance and consistent effort. Get more Information about additional subsidies.

Students absent for 2 consecutive weeks will lose the lesson time, subject to review by the Directors’ Committee. It is important to inform your teacher in advance if your child will be absent.

Students attending lessons must have an instrument available for practice. We have a limited number of guitars to lend.

Springboard To Music is dedicated to achieving its mission to provide affordable music education and opportunities to families not otherwise able to participate in such activities.