Schedule effective as of September 25/26, 2018.

Group Classes

Guitar Group Class (Beginners)



Time: TBA, September 2018
Teacher: TBA
Course Size: up to 8 students
Cost: $10 for 55mins

At beginner level students will develop an efficient technique for Right Hand Flatpicking and proper Left Hand Posture. They will develop a sense of rhythm and begin learning how to read simple melodies and eventually chords in the Open Position. The goal is to couple up students to playing popular songs together and having fun.


Keyboard Lab (Grades 1-8)

Time: Tuesday 5pm-6pm / 6pm-7pm / 7pm-8pm
Teacher: Joseph Hsieh (Tuesday), Phyllis Coulter (Wednesday)
Course Size: up to 8 students
Cost: $10 for 55mins

Piano Keyboard Lab with our teachers Joseph Hsieh (Tuesdays) and Phyllis Coulter (Wednesdays) teaches piano keyboard skills (beginner to Grade 5 Conservatory level) using portable keyboards and proven method books. Students receive class instruction and individual attention. Each student will have a keyboard for work during class.
Music and Movement (Grades 1-3)

Time: Wednesday 4:30pm to 5:15pm
Teachers: Derek Gray
Course Size: max. 10 students
Cost: $7 for 45mins

Our Music and Movement Class is an Orff-based approach to explore the elements of music through singing and playing Orff and percussion instruments. Children will enjoy learning traditional songs from Brazil, Columbia and Canada. Musical games involving both movement and body percussion nurture each child’s creative capacity. Students will learn to play accompaniments on both the hand drums and xylophones , which involve mallets. This approach will develop each students’ technical, listening and collaborative skills.

Voice (Ages 7 and up)


Time:  Wednesday 5:15pm-6pm
Gordon Brown
Course Size: up to 12 students
$7 for 45mins

This class focuses on beginner/intermediate level musical concepts and skills and songs.  Students will learn a variety of repertoire, including rounds, popular and traditional songs.  This class will  incorporate beginner/intermediate music theory concepts, sight singing skill building, and circle games that would focus on rhythm, listening and cooperation.  Each student will have a binder that will include theory homework, warm-ups, songs and sight singing sheets.



Jazz/World Music Ensemble (Advanced Students)

Time: Wednesday 6pm
Teacher: Derek Gray
Course Size: up to 8-10 students
Cost: $10 for 55mins

In the weekly rehearsals of our Jazz Ensemble, students learn about the role of their instrument in a band setting and how to accompany other players and improvise over common jazz structures and easy tunes. The ensemble is open to students with some technical skills, including piano, guitar, bass, drums and players of a melody instrument including vocalists.



Hand Drumming for Beginners (starting Winter Term 2019)



Time: Tuesday 5:00pm – 6:00pm (starting Winter term 2019)
Teachers: Juan Carlos Medrano
Course Size: up to 13 students
Cost: $7 for 45mins

In the Beginner Hand Drumming class students will learn about the origins of the instrument, how a drum is built and how to produce different sounds on it. Using exercises like “Call-and-respond” they will be introduced to basic rhythmic theory and group playing. Students will acquire fundamental musical skills, such as listening and keeping steady time.




Private Lessons

Piano (Grades 1-8)


Time: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 4pm-7pm
Cathy Lambert, Brad Lovatt, Joseph Hsieh, Gordon Brown
Cost: $10 for 20mins / $13 for 30mins

20 and 30-minute private piano lessons taught by qualified teachers. Preparation for Conservatory exams on request.


Guitar (Grades 1-8)


Time: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 4pm-7pm
Peter Albis and Evan Buckland
Cost: $10 for 20mins / $13 for 30mins

20 and 30-minute private lessons. Beginners start with open position, and learn one string at a time. Students are introduced to note reading and apply open position notes, open position chords and strumming patterns. With these basic materials students begin learning songs and progress at their own pace in a variety of styles from folk and classical to pop and rock .


Drum Set (Grades 1-8)

Time: Wednesdays upon request
Derek Gray
Cost: $13 for 30mins